Women’s History Month: How to Celebrate it Everyday of March

It’s our team at The Collective Rising’s favorite month … welcome to March … and welcome to Women’s History Month!

As pandemic-imposed social distancing restrictions and lockdown mandates have hindered in-person gathering this year, do not fret … there are still plenty of virtual events you can attend safely from the comfort of your own home. Plenty more events (like another hundred!) can be found continues on our EVENTS page if you are a member of The Collective Rising, but this list is a great starting point.

We have included all different types of events on this list … from book talks to moderated panels, to film screenings and round-table discussions, here’s a rundown of some of the ways you can celebrate Women’s History Month every single day in March.

March 1 | National Women’s History Month discussion series

Listen to journalist Julie Scelfo during a discussion series on remarkable American women of the 19th century. This episode covers the life of Native American doctor Susan La Flesche Picotte.

March 2 | “In A League of Their Own” A History of the AAGPBL

Engage in a presentation on the history of the All American Girls Professional Baseball League.

March 3 | Women’s Filmmaker Festival, part one

Tune in to a film festival hosted by the Smithsonian American Art Museum. This first virtual live event focuses on Cecilia Vicuña’s short films “Semiya” and “Un nudo vivo.”

March 4 | Virtual Salon: In Her Honor

Hosted by A Tour of her Own, a women tourism association, participate in an interactive virtual event that allows women to share stories about important women in their lives.

March 5 | Living History: Celebrating Women’s History Month

National Churchill Leadership Center Director Justin Reash will chat with GW professors Hope M. Harrison and Jisoo Kim about how the study of history has changed over time for women scholars.

March 6 | HERSTORY art exhibit

Examine a Zenith Gallery exhibit featuring the work of more than 25 women artists.

March 7 | Bad B*tch Medallions

Join a craft workshop hosted by CraftJam that guides participants through painting their favorite women figures on medallions.

March 8 | International Women’s Day Chamber Music Concert

Listen to a live-streamed concert by Sands Films Music Room featuring the music of late women composers Alma Mahler, Amy Beach and Irene Poldowski.

March 9 | The DC Student Consortium on Women, Peace and Security launch event

Sign up for a launch event for a GW student-led organization that works to educate people about the importance of integrating women and gender into security and foreign policy analysis.

March 10 | Women’s Filmmaker Festival, part two

Take part in a film festival hosted by the Smithsonian American Art Museum. This second virtual live event focuses on artist and writer Coco Fusco and her 2004 film “a/k/a Mrs. George Gilbert.”

March 11 | Women in Leadership Author Panel

Join a discussion with Laurie Ruettimann, the author of “Betting on You” and Christina Reynolds and Stephanie Schriock, the co-authors of “Run to Win: Lessons in Leadership for Women Changing the World.”

March 12 | Agents for Change? Women and Protests in The National Archives Collections

Listen to a talk hosted by the National Archives on the most important stories of women protesters and activists that have been buried.

March 13 | The Women of Impressionism

Hear about the history of impressionism and women artists’ place in it.

March 14 | Socialist Feminist Reading Group: Bread and Roses by Andrea D’Atri

Join a book club discussion of “Bread and Roses: Gender and Class Under Capitalism.”

March 15 | National Women’s History Month discussion series

Tune in to a discussion with journalist Julie Scelfo about remarkable American women of the 19th century. This episode covers the lives of Elizabeth and Emily Blackwell, two of the first women in America to receive medical doctorates.

March 16 | Discovering Women Sculptors

Listen to one of a series of online talks about women sculptors from the 17th century to modern day.

March 17 | Women’s Filmmaker Festival, part three

Participate in a film festival hosted by the Smithsonian American Art Museum. This third virtual live event focuses on artist, filmmaker and writer Mariam Ghani and her films “DIS-EASE” and “The Fire Next Time.”

March 18 | (Re)claiming Our Love: Social Justice and Domestic Violence Conference

Hosted by The Network — Advocating Against Domestic Violence, join this two-day conference to learn about anti-oppression strategy, alternative methods advocacy and healing.

March 19 | ‘The Feminist Art of Harlem: A Celebration of Remarkable Women’ webinar

Sign up for a webinar hosted by the New York Adventure Club that highlights the history of remarkable women from Harlem, New York.

March 20 | Black Women’s History Improvised

Listen to a comedy show hosted by Soul Sista Comedy on Black women in history.

March 21 | FLY! Online Festival of Black Women’s Film

Tune in to the last night of a series hosted by the production company Sheba Soul Ensemble to watch and discuss two female-made films: “Suwi” and “Rafiki.”

March 22 | Women in STEM Book Club — How to Talk Robots

If you’ve read the book, “How to Talk Robots: A Girls’ Guide To a Future Dominated by AI,” join on March 22nd for a virtual book club discussion.

March 23 | Women’s History Month Kahoot Tournament

Join a virtual Kahoot tournament hosted by the women and gender studies department at George Mason University that covers several feminist and intersectionality topics.

March 24 | Women’s History Month Virtual Poetry Readings

Participate in a virtual poetry reading hosted by Maryland poet Laureate Nancy Mitchell.

March 25 | Women, Let’s Check In

Discuss your experiences, positive and negative, about being a female in the workplace.

March 26 | Uncovering Hidden Stories: Women in the Archives

Hosted by The National Archives and moderated by historian Angelina Osborne, join a discussion about stories of women who “campaigned to have control over their lives and their families.”

March 27 | Women’ History Month: Celebrating Women in Politics and Policy

Hear from the experiences of female Harvard alumni who hold jobs in policymaking, politics and public service in a discussion hosted by Harvard Alumni Shared Interest Groups.

March 28 | Trivia Hunt: We Can Do It!

Get your roommates together for a virtual trivia game about famous women for a chance to win $2,500.

March 29 | National Women’s History Month discussion series

Tune in to a discussion with journalist Julie Scelfo about remarkable American women of the 19th century. This episode covers the life of suffragist, journalist and co-founder of the NAACP, Ida B. Wells.

March 30 | Untold Stories: Women Who Changed the Course of WWII

Listen to a lecture hosted by the National Cryptologic Museum on important women figures in World War II.

March 31 | Women Crushing Wednesdays: Professional Girl Chat Series

Ask high-profile women professionals questions about their secrets to success in the male-dominated workplace at this Q&A hosted by EmpowHERment Inc.



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